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Tuesday, 24 April 2018

iphone 7, iphone x clone price in india, to buy this online in india "2018"

iphone 7 clone in india where to buy online

Hey guys hello all of iPhone lover

 all of you waiting every year for the new iPhone and this time as you know iPhone going to be more expensive for some of our friends and as . u as every time Chinese company is consider to catch the new ip7000 to 10000Rs in india7000  making a good and highly matched replicas (copy) so this time we decide to describe the replicas and here specifications about iPhone 7, 7s,7s,plus  and also iPhone 6,6s and 6s plus so there all is copy of iPhone,s 
india iphone 7 clone

So here is some of company with here iphone clone's 

So as you know many manufacturer's make clone of iPhone's like goophone soiphone and x-phone and if want to buy this type of clones you will cost about 120$ for 6s and  120$-150$ for 7s and 7s plus and if u want to buy this mobiles in india u will pay approximately Rs 7000 to Rs10000 is iphone 7 clone price in india

is there an picture of a new iPhone 7 clone


iPhone 7 Clone price in India for Sale: $146-191 {Rs8500-12000}
iPhone 7 Clone Price in india Amazon: $145-193 {Rs 8500-12000}
iPhone 7 Clone Price in india eBay: $147-195 {Rs 8500- 12000}
iPhone 7 Clone Price in india  Aliexpress: $144-200 {Rs 8500-12000}

 so question is still we can buy these clone or not ???

answer is yes we can buy but our advice please don't buy these clones because it is fully illegal and made from cheapest component and my be explode or physically harm    

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Thursday, 29 September 2016

How To Unlock/Reset a Pattern Screen Lock on Android Device

hello friends today i will show u how to unlock any android device in just 2min

because some time we forgot our pattern lock  and we have not any other way to reuse our android device so some peoples take there android device for repair and it is totally wasting of money if you can done this on yourself 

so here is the process of unlocking your android device

  1. firstly you need to go in the recovery menu of your phone. for this for entering in the recovery menu you need to press the following keys

    • power off your device and press 
    • power key plus +volume down key in same time  

    2. After this you will see a menu that be called recovery menu .


    • use the volume keys to toggle up down and power key as select
    • find the wipe data option in the menu and select yes after this 
    • all data of your phone will be erase in this process 
    • and your phone will restart automatically 

    Note this process will erase your all data on your device memory be carefully 

    thanks and feel free for comment if any problem you r facing thanks

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Wednesday, 3 August 2016

How to Display Owner Information on the Lock Screen on Your android phone

How to set owner information on lock screen -android

 hello guys today i will show you how to set owner"s info into your android lock screen but before this some of readers  think why owners info set at the lock screen so don't be confuse;

 The owners info is important in today's generation how ; look at that some times we forgot our android phone/device in any friends home or Restaurant and we r going to relax but your friend or Restaurant owners is honest than he/she wants to get the phone back to the owner so at this sichuation how they contact you....????

so here is setting up to how you set up your android device

  • 1st of this go to setting of your phone the find the security icon {its down side in setting}

    and its look like this

  • ok after enter in setting you will see screen lock option againe enter in this option 

    it;s look like that 

  • ok finally when you touch the owners info you look the dashboard of information and an tick bar that mean show owners info also on lock screen {when phone is {locked}

    that's all fill the information and massage that you want to show on lock screen like!

    •   please call this number if you find this phone/tablet 

    • my dad' number please call on emergency  

    • or hey this is my phone please return it

      so friends here is the example i will showed you so do it now and also share this post if u like 
      thanks if any kind of problem you can feel free for comment thanks!!!!!  


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Sunday, 10 July 2016

How to Track Lost Android Phone and Tablet

 Plan B is us-full when you really need it. This app does not require you to install any recovery software previously but still helps in finding your lost phone. All you need to do is log on to your Google play account. Lookout mobile security offers free software called Plan B. Download the software from play store to your phone. This will be possible only if your phone is within the Internet coverage area. Wait for some time and then send the keyword “locate” without the quotes through SMS to your phone. And a map showing where your equipment is will be sent to your Gmail account. This app is very much useful in situations where you don’t have IMEI number.

If you have installed and configured any of these below android software previously, there is good chance of finding it.
  • *simply when you location of android device on your mail id
  • 2nd is  you lost your android borrow your friends mobile and send sms to plan  plan b automatically send .

Android Device Manager

Google has been released a new locator feature for Android gadgets called Android Device manager, which helps its users locate their lost or stolen phones and tablets.

Go to the Google Settings app, then select Android device manager. By default the locator feature is activated but to activate remove data wipe, select the box next to “Allow remote factory reset”, then select “activate”.

To use this feature, open the site and sign in to your Google account. You may be prompted for permission to allow Android Device Manager to use location data. Select the Accept tab to continue.

Now you will be provided with a map that shows the location of your device along with other details such as the name of the place, when it was last used and more. The location data doesn’t help you if your phone is misplaced somewhere in your home. Instead of making a call to your phone using other’s phone, you can call your phone directly from Android Device Manager. This will make your device to ring with high volume for 5 minutes, even if it’s in silent or vibrate mode.  
*-*  it"s similar like Samsung "find my mobile"

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